Effective 2 June 2021, AMPP merged the NACE and SSPC standards programs into what is now the AMPP Standards Program. This comes after extensive planning and consideration that first began in 2020 with the AMPP Transition Team and then moved to the AMPP Standards Integration Team.  More work followed with the establishment of the AMPP Global Center Board of Directors (GC BoD) and the AMPP Standards Program Committee (SPC).
Below is a summary of the current status:

  1. In early 2021, the AMPP GC BoD approved the formation of the SPC, the governance body for the AMPP standards program. The SPC reports to the AMPP GC BoD and is tasked to provide strategic direction for the AMPP GC’s Standards Program, ensure effective and efficient development of standards and procedural quality, maintain a robust new business development plan, and develop recommendations for improving the AMPP Standards Program.
  2. Effective 2 June 2021, The AMPP GC BoD directed the two existing standards programs (SSPC and NACE International) to combine immediately, with the resulting program comprised of 25 standing Standards Committees (SCs) – utilizing the existing Standards Committees Operating Manual (SCOM) dated 8 April 2021 as the AMPP Standards Program’s governing document. In further accordance with The AMPP GC BoD directive, the SPC is investigating the incorporation of specific recommended changes from the AMPP Transition Team (e.g., Standards Review Process, one Company-one vote with alternate voters, organization representation, Document Project Manager discretion, and Standards Committee Chair selection process) into the SCOM.
    1. AMPP SCs are responsible for the development, maintenance, and publishing of all AMPP standards products requiring a consensus-driven process. These SCs provide the organizational structure and appropriate forums through which participants can collectively evaluate specific problems and phenomena, combine their knowledge and experience for the development of standards that meet industry needs, and provide information and service to that industry.
    2. Interim co-chairs may be recommended for selected SCs whose subject matter overlaps that of both legacy NACE and SSPC committees.
    3. All active SSPC standards development committees and NACE International standards work are assigned a project designation within one of the 25 SCs.
    4. Details will be provided in the near future to advise how to join and participate in SCs.  

Legacy SSPC committee members should be aware of the following changes coming under the merged AMPP Standards Program:

  1. Committee membership will not automatically transfer! Members of legacy SSPC committees must join the appropriate SC to continue to have access to the AMPP standards development platform and to continue to participate in development projects.
  2. SSPC Standards Development Committee voting privileges will not automatically transfer to SCs. SC voting memberships are granted subject to balance requirements.
  3. Updated training materials will be posted on our Standards webpages on or before July 6, 2021.
  4. Interactive online orientation/training sessions will be offered on July 28, 2021 and August 5, 2021. Registration information will be distributed and posted on our Standards webpages.

AMPP fully recognizes and greatly values your time, your talents, knowledge and expertise, and your contributions toward quality industry standards. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we undertake the merging of the two programs.
For more information, please visit https://ampp.org/standards, or if you have questions or feedback, please contact Standards@ampp.org.